What Do You Mean by "Real"? 

"We're looking for a real guy... not an announcer... the guy next door only more interesting... intelligent, authoritative, but approachable... maybe a bit of a smartass, but in a funny way..."

Dog with stick

Producers often use terms like "real,"  "conversational" or "not announcery" to try to describe what they're looking for.  

Problem is, it's kind of hard to define something by what it's not.

So what does "real" really mean?

I'd define it as minimal affectation, while still holding people's attention.

That can come in a lot of forms, depending on the project.  Corporate "real" can be a whole lot different from medical "real" or radio spot "real."

But rest easy... I'll know what you mean.  Really. 

Just listen to the demos. The Sampler will give you some idea of my range. If you're looking for something specific, just poke around a little.

Don't see what you're looking for?  Send me an e-mail.  Auditions are free. 




One Minute Sampler

Lenovo logo link

Olympic Performance

I voiced four weird but funny Lenovo spots for theBeijing Olympics.  Watch them here.


Flat, dry, regular guy (NY Times)


Cranky (Dallas Morning News)

Awww! (Johnson's)

Thrilled to death! (Elations)

Disclaimer speed (Domino's) (Yeah... I really can)





Corporate /Informative /Financial



The kind of thing I usually read

What it sounds like to me

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